Domestic Technology

An Internet Exhibition on Technology and Daily Life.

The development of domestic technology 1865-1999.

  • Teknologi NF.32746-001

Few things seem more old-fashioned to us than things from our recent past. We see these things in a historic mist: They appear clear enough for us to make out – and remember – the contours, while the details disappear in the mist. Things seen in this historic mist acquire a unique attraction: They are so hopelessly out-of-date while still so similar to yesterday's up-to-date. All inventions we know so well from our own home have this unique attraction. Suddenly, they make us historic, and they place our home, most of all mother's kitchen, in a time already gone by.

Torleif Lindtveit 1980

Mentality and Modernity

Pipes and Wires

Technology in the Home