Round trip Norway

Find the 12 posts in the Open Air museum, answer the questions and win two nights stay at a DNT-cabin of your choice!

  • DNT-hytta Hovinkoia, Norsk Folkemuseum. Foto: Astrid Santa, Norsk Folkemuseum.
    The DNT-cabin Hovinkoia at Norsk Folkemuseum Astrid Santa, Norsk Folkemuseum

To experience a Norwegian holiday this summer, you don’t have to travel around the whole country. All you have to do is come to our museum and walk the length of Norway!

Pick up your map in the Visitor's Center and find the posts we have placed around the Open Air Museum. Answer the question at each post (they’re not too tricky, we promise!) and have a little fun on the way.

The path we have chosen offers lovely viewpoints, great opportunities for a selfie or two, but most importantly – you enter our competition to win two night stay at a DNT-cabin of your choice.

We simply call it Norway’s longest and shortest hike.

If you wonder what a DNT-cabin is, you can visit Hovinkoia here at Norsk Folkemuseum. You can also check out the website of The Norwegian Trekking Association (Den Norske Turistforening) to get the full picture.

This is how it works

When you buy your tickets, you get a map and a paper to write your answers.  

At each post you will find a question and multiple choice answers. There is one English version. If you choose, you can try the Norwegian version for either adults or children.

On your way out, hand in your answers at the same place where you bought your tickets. And presto – you have entered the competition!

Good luck :)

The competition is open until 16. August. The winners will be contacted after the draw.  

  • 3 jenter med blomsterkranser går hånd i hånd
    Stian Nybru