Farmbuilding from Elnan Vestre

Steinkjær, 1899 - ca.. 1960

  • Rød låve fra Trøndelag. Gråtass står på tunet. (Foto/Photo)
    Elnanlåven Stian Nybru / Norsk Folkemuseum

The building was originally a combined outbuilding with all farmfunctions under one roof, as was the ideal around 1900. The oldest part was built in 1899, but went through several phases of enlargement and modernizationuntil the 1960s. By then its size and form meant it no longer was a typical of the local outbuildings. When it was re-erected at the museum, therefore, its building elements were used freely in a different context so that a more common type of barn from Trøndelag might be exhibited. This large L-shaped outbuilding now forms two sides of a square farmyard and appears outwardly like a barn from the 1950s. The old cow barn now holds a new room for livestock while the other wing is an activity room used in participatory presentation and teaching. A farm workshop and wagon shed will also be fitted out.