Farmhouse and Guesthouse from Ytre Sæle

Gaular, Sunnfjord, 1650-1700

The farmhouse, the storehouse and the guesthouse, are built in a row with a gallery along the long side.

The three-room farmhouse is the newest building. An open storage room is built between the house and the storehouse where food was stored.

  • Stue og sengebu
    Farmhousevand Guesthouse from Ytre Sæle. Anne-Lise Reinsfelt / Norsk Folkemuseum

The guesthouse is built in line with the storehouse. In addition to housing guests, this was where church clothing, bedclothes and valuables were stored in chests, in boxes and on shelves. The interior has renaissance décor with the fixed bed as an outstanding example of this style in carpentry.

Guesthouses were always especially elegant. It was often the first building on the farm to have windows. The year 1684 cut into two panes of the leaded windows shows when these windows were installed here.

Acquired by the museum in 1922 and rebuilt here in 1931/1932