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Farmhouse from Nes

Mundheim, Kvam, 1600-1700

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    Woman dressed in "bunad" from Hardanger and married woman's head dress from Sørfjorden Anne-Lise Reinsfelt / Norsk Folkemuseum

This farmhouse originally had only one large room with an open gallery in front of an entrance door in the gable wall. A log chamber with a framework gallery was added later.

The hearth is a smoke stove with no chimney so that smoke flowed into the room and out through the vent in the ceiling. Until a leaded window was installed in the 1700s, the smoke vent was the only source of daylight.

A decorative border, called kroting, encircles the room. It was usually applied with the fingers or a paintbrush on log walls by skilled women called krotekoner.

Acquired by the museum in 1922 and rebuilt here in 1927