Farmhouse from Stiklestad Vestre

Verdal, ca. 1800

  • Gult gårdshus fra Stiklestad (Foto/Photo)
    The Farmhouse from Stiklestad. Stian Nybru / Norsk Folkemuseum
  • Kvinne står foran kjøkkenbenken med en mugge saft. (Foto/Photo)
    In the Kitchen – 1959 Anne-Lise Reinsfelt / Norsk Folkemuseum

This building is one of the long, narrow farmhouses of Trøndelag calledlån. This one formed part of a square farmyard along with a storehouse, hay barn, wagon shed, stable, cow barn,smithy, kiln and servants’ quarters. It was extended in the 1860s to make room for a kitchen, wash room, hall and kitchen entrance. This addition was not included when the house was moved to the museum. The property was farmer-owned when the house was built, but during most of the 1800s, it was owned by military officers and their families. When the State bought the farm in 1894, the house became a parsonage, and remained so until being moved to the museum.

It was then returned to the style of the 1800s and furnished as it would have been at that time. In 2010, the house was refurbished in the style of the 1950s to show how a family with many children would have lived at that time.

Acquired by the museumin 2004 and rebuilt here in 2007.