Gilding in the Leuch room

One of the interiors of Morten and Mathia Leuch’s home from the 1760s is being recreated in all its golden splendour.

Behind the scenes of the forthcoming “TIMESCAPE 1600 – 1914” exhibition, the museum is busy constructing the many interiors to be displayed. One of these is a room from Rådhusgaten 13 in Christiania. The building is thought to have been erected during the period 1757-1758 as the residence of the wealthy timber merchant and businessman Morten Leuch (1732-1768) and his wife, Mathia, née Collett (1737-1801). The couple belonged to the upper echelons of Norwegian society, and in this reception room, which was connected to the adjoining banqueting hall, they would receive their guests on big, festive occasions.  

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Detailed work is required in order to recreate the room as it was decorated in 1760s Christiania. Decorative artist Axel Charles Dahlgren is applying gold leaf to parts of the interior.

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