Meet the farm animals

At Norsk Folkemuseum we are lucky to have bunch of happy animals. There are the three lively pigs, the two more sedate calves, plus a small flock sheep you would just like to cuddle! The rabbits might be easier to cuddle, but the hens and the geese will absolutely not let you do so!

If you join our hosts on the daily tour you may get the chance to meet and smell (!) all our lovely creatures. This happens every day at 1 pm and is a definite hit among the children!

  • Roster
    Morten Brun
  • Two black sheep with horns drinking water from wood bucket
    Morten Brun
  • Two boys greets a pig in a pen
    Morten Brun
  • Close-up of a calf with mother
    Morten Brun
  • Ku eller kalv beiter
    Morten Brun
  • Hane i Trøndelagstunet
    Haakon Harriss/Norsk Folkemuseum
  • 7/10
  • Kvinne i drakt med sauer på beite
    Haakon Harriss/Norsk Folkemuseum
  • Close up of pig
    Morten Brun
  • 10/10
    Morten Brun /