More than just a museum

12 reasons to visit Norsk Folkemuseum!

Finding historical buildings and objects in a museum probably won’t come as a big surprise. But our museum is something more than our beautiful collections. We try to make our cultural history come alive, and we want our visitors to experience it – not just look at it.

We want the museum and our shared history to inspire new stories – your stories – whether it be an everyday moment, a holiday memory or a burgeoning love story.

We want you to have an experience that is more than another visit to a museum!

Let’s give you twelve good reasons to visit us at Norsk Folkemuseum this summer.

1. Relax with family and friends

  • Two boys and a baby behind three large old milk containers
    Morten Brun

On our museum grounds you can have a picnic on the green lawns, and you can buy an ice cream and enjoy it while you walk through our Open Air Museum. You will find peace and quiet here, in safe and spacious surroundings – and without a car in sight!

Say hello to the animals, go exploring together, or find space to contemplate.

Our museum offers something for everyone. The lot of you can relax and set your own pace. Even your dog is welcome!

2. Oslo’s best dating venue?

  • Tidenes bryllup på Norsk Folkemuseum, brudepar på benk på Enerhaugen
    Foto: Beate Kjørslevik

Our miniature version of Norway has a multitude of romantic nooks, beautiful paths and sheltered benches. Around every corner there’s something new that might trigger a conversation. That’s good to know in case you’re on your first date and you’re anxious about those awkward silent moments. Or maybe you’ve been together for ages? In which case you’ll surely find things that trigger those treasured memories - and based on them, you can make new ones!

3. A Norwegian holiday

  • Kvinne i drakt med sauer på beite
    Haakon Harriss/Norsk Folkemuseum

This summer, Norway will be the holiday destination for most of us, and here at Norsk Folkemuseum, you can experience the whole of Norway – in one day! Do you want to visit a cosy farm in Trøndelag? It’s only five minutes away. Or maybe you want to see Setesdal? That’s only five minutes as well. Actually, most of the country – from Finnmark to Jæren – is only a couple of minutes away – on foot.  

It’s very Instagram friendly. So why don’t you take a photo safari and make sure your family and friends know that you get the whole Norwegian holiday-thing!

Speaking of holiday in Norway:

4. Take our Round Trip Norway and win a 2 nights stay at a DNT-cabin of your choice

  • 3 jenter med blomsterkranser går hånd i hånd
    Stian Nybru

Find the 12 posts placed around in the Open Air Museum and answer the questions as you stroll through our cultural history.

5. Set your own agenda

  • Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo. Photo: Astrid Santa, Norsk Folkemuseum.
    Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo. Astrid Santa, Norsk Folkemuseum

Here at Norsk Folkemuseum you can chill or you can go on a mission to learn something new. Do you see something curious? Talk to one of our museum hosts in the different houses. They know the history and the stories embedded in the walls of our buildings and they will gladly share them with you. Or you can choose to catch a few of thehappenings from the program.

6. Bring your own food

  • Kafé Arkadia på Norsk Folkemuseum
    Kafé Arkadia Haakon Harriss, Norsk Folkemuseum

Bring a picnic basket or make yourself a Norwegian matpakke (or a lunch box if you prefer). But please don’t bring alcohol onto our museum grounds, though.

If you don’t want to pack your own lunch, you can stop by Kafé Arkadia by the entrance.

PS: If you choose to sit down and eat in the café, we appreciate it if you leave your homemade lunch in your bag and let us serve you instead.

7. Safe, accessible – and no traffic!

  • Liten pike husker på historisk lekeplass
    Historical playground Morten Brun

We have room for everyone, whether they are big or small, or on two or four legs. The museum grounds are large, open and spacious, but it’s also fenced in, so you can let little legs run free. But as in the rest of Norway, dogs have to be on a leash.

Wide paths make the museum easily accessible to both strollers and wheelchairs.  

8. It’s both easy and beautiful to get here

Walk from Frognerkilen, past Kongsgården, through the woods and all of a sudden you’re here! Or you can hop on the Bygdøy-ferry from Aker brygge – a nice warm up to a day at the museum.

Bus nr 30 is also a handy option. It stops right outside our entrance. The bus stop is called Norsk Folkemuseum, of course.

9. Modern facilities

Wether you spill ice cream all over your clothes, or just need a toilet - rescue is never far away!

(And if anyone in your group are just totally hung up on Pokemon, you might find one somewhere in the Open Air Museum. Or at least that’s what we’ve heard.)

10. A trip down Memory Lane

  • Morten Brun

Do you remember the smell of sun heated timber walls, or the taste of old-fashioned sweetsfrom paper cones? Our museum is full of smells and sights which most likely will make you feel nostalgic, as your imagination takes you back in time to your own grandma’s kitchen – for example.

11. A magical experience in the rain

  • Morten Brun

Those of us who work here know that any kind of weather brings about a special atmosphere in the Open Air Museum. The rain drumming on the roofs, children playing in the puddles, the smell of wet grass as you hunch together under a large umbrella. And to top it off, a mug of hot chocolate in the warm and cosy café.

12. Close to the city center - and close to the beach!

When the day is done, it’s still not over – not necessarily. How about a swim in the ocean on your way home? Or a meal down by the water? It’s all in the near vicinity. 

Welcome to our Open Air Museum at Bygdøy!