Young People at Enerhaugen

1950 - 1960

An exhibition in the Apartment Building.

The exhibition is a collaboration between earlier inhabitants of Enerhaugen and Norsk Folkemuseum. Together, we have gathered photographs from the 1950s until their youth in the 1960s. The kids at Enerhaugen were amateur photographers, but several obtained good practical skills and so many of their photos are of high technical quality and give a good reflection of daily life along with special occasions.

  • Unggutter med bil
  • Unggutter med bil
  • Ung på Enerhaugen
  • Gutt med motorsykkel på Enerhaugen

As photographers they were close to their objects and as a result the images provide viewers with a unique glimpse into everyday life at Enerhaugen, as well as events like confirmations, baptisms, family gatherings, summer excursions, trips to the mountains, birthday parties and Christmas celebrations. The photos also document the architecture of Enerhaugen both before and after the buildings were demolished