Materializing Kinship: Cycles of life at the Norwegian 'hytte'

Et forskningsprosjekt i samarbeid mellom Norsk Folkemuseum og Sosialantropologisk insitutt ved Universitetet i Oslo og støttet av Norges forskningsråd. Prosjektledelsen ligger hos Sosialantropologisk insitutt.

“Materializing Kinship” is an original independent basic research project with an unconventional approach to the anthropological study of kinship and family. It introduces a focus on the materiality of inheritance, addressing a lacuna in debates about kinning practices, and brings questions of forms of ownership and material assets into discussions on performativity of kinship. The ethnographic focus is on Norwegian hytter, and their role in the constitution of a particular kind of ‘house society’, where lines of descent defined by kinship meet an emphasis on conjugal relations, step-relations and affinity.

Medvirkende fra Norsk Folkemuseum

Førstekonservator Trond Bjorli
Fotograf Haakon Harris