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Finnskogen is an area of Norway situated in Hedmark, named so because of immigration of Finnish people in the 17th century.

  • Tenant Farm from Finnskogen
    Tenant Farm from Finnskogen Anne-Lise Reinsfelt / Norsk Folkemuseum

Farmhouse from Ampiansbråten in Kongsvinger

This house has three rooms – an entrance room, a main room to the right and a kitchen directly ahead.It has clearly been influenced by both Finnish and Norwegian building traditions. An ordinary fireplace stands in the kitchen. The main room is dominated by a smoke stove of Finnish type. Because it has no chimney, smoke is released into the room and led up to a vent in the ceiling by way of a duct in the attic loft.The only bed in the house lies alongside the paneled side of the smoke stove. There is also a place to sleep on top of the stove. The furnishings in the house are original.