Hallingdal lies in Buskerud and includes the municipalities of Hemsedal, Gol, Ål, Nes and Flå. Hallingdal is a valley surrounded by mountains and hills, except to the southeast where there is more open country around the lake Krøderen. The valley is about 200 km long and has always been an important route between eastern and western Norway. Traditionally there has been trade relations and other forms of contact between the inhabitants of Hallingdal valley and western Norwegian districts. Valley farmers attended markets in the west every year.

  • The Hallingdal Farm Stead
    The Hallingdal Farm Stead Haakon Michael Harris / Norsk Folkemuseum

The Hallingdal Farmstead

This square farmyard is largely made up of buildings from Hol and Ål. Two farmhouses from Flå and Hemsedal and a storehouse from Nes have been set up on the outskirts of the yard, as has a flax storehouse from the neighboring valley of Sigdal.