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Hardanger is part of Hordaland, and like the rest of western Norway, It is marked by great contrasts in nature and economy. Fishing was the most important occupation along the coast, combined with some highly necessary farming. The milder climates and better soils in among the many fjords gave a better basis for farming. Here fruit and berries were early crops. But farmers from the fjord districts also took part in some fishing on the high seas. They could also utilize the vast mountainous areas for summer grazing and hunting.

  • The Hardanger Farm Stead
    The Hardanger Farm Stead Haakon Michael Harris / Norsk Folkemuseum

The Hardanger Farmyard

Four of these buildings come from Nes farm in Varaldsøy, two from each of the separate homesteads whose buildings lay in the same yard,and are placed here in their original positions. The stable and woodshed come from other farms in Hardanger. The museum yard does not include a cow barn,stable or barn.