Norwegian Ethnological Research (NEG)

  • Minneinnsamling (Foto/Photo)
    Haakon Harriss / Øyvind Kjus / Norsk Folkemuseum

The cultural archives institution Norwegian Ethnological Research (NEG) was established in 1946 to collect, manage, disseminate and research accounts from the history of daily life - and to be a national resource for the collection of oral history and personal memories.

A mainstay of NEG’s collections is the ongoing series of qualitative questionnaires, where a network of individuals respond to questions from the archive on various topics. The respondents answer from their own experience, knowledge and memory. In addition to the series of questionnaires, NEG also conducts various other documentation projects.

NEG is accredited NGO to work with UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and NEGs series of questionnaire-answers are included in Norway’s Memory of the World-program.

Line Grønstad, konservator (i permisjon)
Hege Rød Segerblad, arkivar
Audun Kjus, fagansvarlig førstekonservator

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