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Trøndelag resemble a Norway in miniature with mountains and uplands, vast forests and valleys, broad sweeping fields along rivers and fjords, and a long coastline dotted with islands. Trade and transport between north and south, and between Norway and Sweden and even farther east, created meeting places, towns and markets. From a national point of view, Trøndelag was long the political center of the country.

  • The Trøndelag Farm Stead
    The Trøndelag Farm Stead Anne-Lise Reinsfelt / Norsk Folkemuseum

The rural building tradition has been fairly uniform in thepast few centuries. After the numerous small houses were replaced in the 1700s byfewer and larger buildings, these were placed to form a square farmyard. Thefarmhouse gradually became a two-storied building in the late 1700s and was extendedlengthwise by building additions, resulting in the region’s long andcharacteristic trønderlån. Onefeature of this house is that most of the rooms cross its entire width, withwindows to both sides providing excellent light. The orderly rows of windowsand the well-defined entrance, especially the main entrance, are also typical.