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The Finnmark Exhibition

In the house from Olderfjord we tell the story of the family who lived here in 1956, about the rebuilding of Finnmark after World War II and about daily life in the post war years.

In the cowshed from Indre Billefjord we show an exhibition about the history of Finnmark, the German occupation 1940-45 and the evacuation andscorching of this part of Norway at the end of the war and about the people in Porsanger.

A privy, a forge and a boat

  • 1/3
    Privy from Olderfjord. Made from recycled materials, perhaps from the ”previsorie“ the family lived in before the house was built. Espen Revold / Norsk Folkemuseum
  • 2/3
    The forge from Smørfjord was built at Norsk Folkemuseum in 2020. The model is the forge of Albert Strømstad in Smørfjord. Espen Revold / Norsk Folkemuseum
  • 3/3
    The "Spissbåt“ was built by boat builder Hans Oliver Hansen in Indre Billefjord. Haakon Harriss / Norsk Folkemuseum
  • 1/1
  • Birte Sandvik and Espen Revold. Haakon Harriss / Norsk Folkemuseum

Project Management

Espen Revold and Birte Sandvik

Text production

Morten Bing, Anne Marie Svebak Grimstad, Alexander Lindbäck, Birte Sandvik