Farmhouse from Hove

Heddal, Telemark, 1738

The Hove farmhouse was a guest house and therefore larger and more lavish than most others. It was built for the wealthy Ole Olsen Hove who took over the farm when he married the heiress Tone Svinungsdatter Hove.

The year it was built, 1738, is carved both on the door and inside the room. Later generations have decorated the room with pious words, initials and dates of year. All the original furnishings are intact. These include several artifacts from the nearby Heddal stave church owned by Hove.

  • Hovestua (Foto/Photo)
    The Farmhouse from Hove. Xylography from 1888.
The main room has an attic loft, as became possible when fireplaces with chimneys were built. The fireplace, the bed, long table, cupboards and benches are placed according to fixed custom. The large bed is built together with a cupboard concealing a cellar entrance.