The Architects' Home

A detailed reconstruction of Tove Kvalstad's and Ola Ulset's home.

  • Bonytthjemmet (Foto/Photo)
    The Living Room Haakon Michael Harris / Norsk Folkemuseum

This flat differs from the other flats in an important way: This is an authentic home from Wessels gate 15 as presented in the interior magazine Bonytt in 1979! The architects Tove Kvalstad and Ola Ulset represent a new stratum of people who moved in to Wessels gate 15 in the 70s: Architects, musicians, academics. They are exponent of a new, modern life style and are not tied up in traditional ways of arranging their home and their daily life. The interior are a detailed reconstruction of Tove's and Ola's home made in cooperation with the couple. 

In the main rooms in the flat the furniture is very modern for the late 70s. The colours are mostly black and white. But there is also a few heirlooms like the old bureau cabinet