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The Reformation

The exhibition shows the Reformation in a theological , art historical and social context and serves as a introduction to the museum's collection of church art.

  • Haakon Harris

Martin Luther posted his theses against Indulgence practice in 1537. This is considered the starting point of the Reformation. In Norway the last Catholic archbishop left the country April 1st 1537.

Christian III’s Bible

Christian III’s Bible was the first complete Bible edition in Danish. It was mainly based on a German translation by Luther himself from 1545, and contained 92 woodcuts by the artist Erhard Altdorfer. Of the 3000 copies printed, only 96 are said to have come to Norway, and 46 of these still exist.

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The Church Inventory

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    Baptismal Font From Tørdal (old) Church in Telemark. Probably from about 1600. Haakon Michael Harriss
  • 2/3
    Text Altarpiece From Heggen Churchin Buskerud. Dated 1595. Haakon Michael Harriss
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    Pulpit from Degernes old Church in Østfold. Dated 1554. Haakon Michael Harriss / Norsk Folkemuseum

Medievel Objects in the Protestant Church

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    Censer changed in to a candlestick From Tanum Church in Vestfold. Probably 15th Century. Candle holder added after the Reformation.
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    Church Bench from Heddal Stave Church in Telemark. Probably from then middle of the 13th Century.
  • 3/3
    Bridal Crown with images of Saints. Probably made in Bergen, from ca 1520. New top from the end of the 17th century. Haakon Michael Harriss
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