TIMESCAPE 1600 – 1914

Reshaping Norwegian Culture

  • Bybygg, nytt inngangsparti.
    The Entrance

Norsk Folkemuseum is opening a new permanent exhibition on urban cultural history in 2020. The exhibition features the reshaping of Norway during the period 1600-1914, as the country evolved into a modern society.

In a renovated exhibition building, the audience will encounter influential people and gain insights into their life stories. These individuals participated in changing Norwegian society through their actions and choices. The contours of today's society can be recognized as the exhibit approaches the year 1914. 

Six authentic interiors and around 3000 objects from our collection of urban culture will be on display. These objects mirror life as it unfolded over a period of 300 years, both in private and public – including relations between men and women, parents and children, masters and servants. The material gives us a unique opportunity to convey changes in style, taste and fashion as well as the shifting of social hierarchies.

Together all these stories will tell how Norway participated in major global trends and changes through increased trade and cultural exchanges.
This new exhibition will be a central addition to Norsk Folkemuseum’s many stories about Norway. It will also show that the Norwegian identity in sum has been and still is a complexity of identities.