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Easter at Norsk Folkemuseum

Welcome to Easter celebration at Norsk Foilkemuseum. Experience Norwegian Easter traditions. Paint Easter eggs and taste fresh “lefse” – right off the griddle.

Easter Mystery

Will you solve this year’s Easter mystery?

We are proud to present this year’s Easter mystery written by the award-winning author of children’s literature, Gro Dahle.

The mystery path follows a route in the Open-Air Museum, marked by signs. Duration ca 1 hrs 30 min. Fits all ages. Children are advised to be companied by an adult.

The Murder, the Silver Spoons and the Black book.

It was during the Spring Festival in the year of 1773, when people were coming from neighboring farms to offer their help with the ploughing and planting.When the work was done for the day, the young girl Everine Johansdatter went missing. They searched for her and found her murdered and hidden away in the cowshed. Two silver spoons were found on her body.

But why would anyone want to harm this girl? And why did she have silver spoons in her possession? There were rumors about her, but were these rumors true? Did she really have the Black Book in a chest under her bed? The Sheriff Jensenius Hansen arrives. He asks questions, finds clues, but there are suspicions in several directions to who really killed Everine.

Deliver your answer in the Visitor’s Center. April 5 and 11, a winner is determined by drawing.

Easter activities

  • Children can paint and decorate Easter eggs in the Exhibit Hall. Price NOK 25 for each egg.
  • Make Easter lanterns from recycled jelly jars in the Trøndelag barn. Price: Nok 40 for each lantern.
  • In the garden of Trøndelag farm, the Easter bunny has hidden Easter eggs of gold. Join the Easter hunt! If you are lucky to find the gold egg, it is your’s to keep as the reward.
  • Listen to Norwegian fairytales in the Trøndelag farm kitchen at 12.00 and 15.00.
  • The exhibit features how Easter is celebrated in various religious communities, and why it is a holiday of faith. The symbolism of the Easter egg is a central theme in the exhibit.
  • Enjoy delicious bakery in Kafé Arkadia.
  • Buy unique Easter ornaments and other Easter related items in the Museum Shop.

Additional highlights

  • Try your skills as a carpenter or blacksmith in the Smithy.
  • Taste delicious freshly baked Norwegian “lefse” in Numedal.
  • Buy old fashioned sweets in the Grocery Store.
  • Help Agnes at Enerhaugen wash little brother’s shirt the old way on a wash board.
  • Playground with obstacle course and new play equipment.
  • Play on the old tractor in Trøndelag.
  • Walk on stilts outside Karterud.
  • Play-and-reading corner in the Exhibit Hall.
  • In the barn, you can visit the sheep, pigs, calves, chicken and rabbits.
  • The horses Sylprins and Armfond are grazing in the museum fields.
  • Join a guided tour of the exhibit Timescape 1600 – 1914 Tuesdays at 14:00.
  • Visit our in-door exhibits.

Buy tickets

Do you plan to visit Norsk Folkemuseum more than once this year? A good deal then is to buy the annual pass.

The price of the annual pass in NOK 700 and gives entrance to two adults. By your second visit, the card is paid off. Free entrance for children