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Summer at Norsk Folkemuseum

Experience Norway in a day, just a short bus or ferry ride from Oslo city center.

Explore a vibrant museum filled with traditional music, dance and handicrafts. Visit the remarkable Gol Stave Church, immerse yourself in the charm of historical homes from across Norway and meet our hosts in traditional costumes! Welcome to unforgettable experiences this summer.!

Stave Church at Norsk Folkemuseum

Visit the iconic stave church from Gol dated to around 1200.

Traditional music and dance in Telemark every hour from 10.30.

Buy freshly baked traditional Norwegian lefse in Numedal. 

Experience traditional handicrafts, farming and food. 

  • MUSEUM HIGHLIGHTS: Join a guided tour among the highlights of the Open-Air Museum, including Gol Stave Church. Meeting point at the Square.
    • In English: 12:00 and 16.00
  • THE APARTMENT BUILDING: The 19th Century Apartment Building from Oslo contains eight period interiors and three exhibitions. Meeting point at the Square.
    • In English: 11:00
  • A LAST FAREWELL: Learn about funeral customs in the valley of Setesdal. Meeting point in Setesdal.
    • In English: 15.00
  • GREET THE ANIMALS: Join the farmer when feeding the animals. At 13.00 in Trøndelag. 
  • NORWEGIAN FAIRYTALES:  In norwegian and english in Numedal at 12.00 and 15.00.
All day:
  • THE BLACKSMITH: Try forging and carpentry.
  • THE GROCERY STORE: Buy old fashioned sweets.
  • FARM GAMES: Join the contest - lift milk buckets or throw horseshoes.
  • WATERCOLOR PAINTING: Unleash your creativity in the garden at Trøndelag.

Visit historical houses and meet hosts in traditional costumes: 


  • A grand home from 1738. At Hove
  • Farmer's wife Bjørg in 1959. In Trøndelag
  • A farm in Setesdal from 1738. In Setesdal
  • A farm in Numedal in the 1800s. At Grøsli
  • A bourgeois home in 1769. At Chrystiegården
  • Worker's wife Agnes in 1910. At Enerhaugen
  • Traditional farming. In the Open-Air Museum


  • A grand estate in Østerdalen. At Sommerstua.
  • A Forest Finn tenant farm from 1884. At Ampiansbråten.

  • NEW! Across the West and Toward the North: Norwegian and American Landscape Photography
  • TIMESCAPE 1600-1914: Get acquainted with the bourgeois and official culture in Norway.
  • FOLK DRESS: See Norwegian traditional costumes from different regions. 
  • FOLK ART: Norwegian folk art from the Middle Ages to around 1900.
  • SAMI CULTURE: Learn about Sami lifestyle and daily life.
  • MUSEUM ATTIC: View 63 chests and boxes from the museum's collections.
  • THE STORTING CHAMBERS: See Norway's first parliament hall.
  • FINNMARK: Before, during, and after World War II.
  • FARM WORK: Learn about pre-industrial agriculture.
  • DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY: Everyday technology from 1865 to 1999.


  • Playground with obstacle course and play equipment.
  • The tractor Gråtass and playhose in Trøndelag.
  • Wooden animals to pet in the barn in Setesdal.
  • Lasso throwing at the Sami settlement.
  • Stilts, barrel hoops, and jump ropes at Karterud, Enerhaugen, and Trøndelag.
  • Play Detective at the Museum attic. 
  • Drawingtable and toy cars in the Toy Exhibition.
  • Play- and readingcorner in the Exhibition Hall.


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