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Daily program:
Saturday and Sunday

Experience the magnificent Gol Stave Church, explore intriguing exhibitions and unique historic buildings and join in on engaging family activities.

Guided tour in The Stave Church from Gol!

Experience the magnificent Gol Stave Church from the 13th century. This stave church is one of the 28 remaining stave churches in Norway and is a main attraction at the museum.

Guided tours in English at 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, and 15:00.

The tour is included in the admission ticket.


  • GREET THE ANIMALS: In the barn in Trøndelag and in the Open Air Museum.
  • NORWEGIAN FAIRYTALES: In Numedal at 12.00 and 15.00.
  • BAKING LEFSE: Taste freshly baked traditional Norwegian lefse in Numedal.

  • THE BLACKSMITH: Try forging and carpentry.
  • THE GROCERY STORE: Buy old fashioned sweets.

  • DO THE LAUNDRY: Try washing clothes in a sink tub at Enerhaugen.

Playareas for children

  • Playground with obstacle course and new play equipment.
  • Tre tractor Gråtass in Trøndelag.
  • Wooden animals to pet in the barn in Setesdal.
  • Lasso throwing at the Sami settlement.
  • Drawingtable in the Toy Exhibition.
  • Play- and readingcorner in the Exhibition Hall.
  • Play Detective at the Museum attic. 


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